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New Mexico 12 Roasted Salsa  is a classic "red" sauce, is a sauce collection must-have. Believed to have originated in Naples, Italy, marinara or "Mariner's sauce" gained popularity by joining two basics: tomatoes and herbs.

We are using either garden-fresh ingredients to create a thick, healthy, low-caloric vegan dish that is beefy in its own right. It can top your favorite pasta, roasted vegetables or homemade pizza dough. It also serves as a creative dipping sauce for baguettes and other dense yeast-breads.

Give yourself permission to embellish this sauce. Love capers? Add a teaspoon or two. Adore mushrooms and onions? Double the amount listed.

Our Baron's recipe is a mild marinara that seems to please the majority of pasta lovers in our circle. If you want to add a little heat, consider a dash of red pepper flakes. A little goes a long way.
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Marinara sauce is great for pasta, roasted vegetables, pizza and much more.
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