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About Us
"Quality with Taste ©"
We believe in it ... and we practice what we believe ©
The company Baron Georg, LLC™, was started in Germany by our founder who had the determination and drive to create premium sauces with the “Real” American signature taste; despite all the people that said it could not be done; it never has been done and it will not work. 10 years later we are still here and doing well.
We have moved to Portugal to be in the center where our ingredients are grown; also we found a great producer that believes in "Quality with Taste ©", as we do.

The prerequisite for our sauces is that they had to be natural, not modified for the local markets; unlike the current American sauces and products in Europe; but with the original “Taste of America”. 

Always insisting on the best quality, consistency and taste; the motto “Quality with Taste
©” was chosen to represent the company. The first of the signature sauces was the Texas 28™ Original BBQ Sauce; this has proven to be a total success in the market.

After being established, we have several high-end Gourmet sauces filling the niche in the Gastronomie chain with an unparalleled combination for each and every product.

Our sauces are now available in several countries including Germany, Estonia, Czech Republic, Malta, Spain, Portugal, and France; just to name a few.
As a family business we intend to develop more family recipes for the niche of Gastronomie lovers of specialized sauces.
We have developed truly a inspirational product line invoking the freshness and consistency of each product …. “Quality with Taste ©”.

Large industrial producers of sauces often take shortcuts for the sake of efficiency and production costs. This is not the case with us. We are uncompromising and  quality will be that of the highest standards…. we will never sacrifice the
"Quality with Taste ©," it is our motto.

The whole production process is monitored, at each step to insure the best for the consumer.
©  Copyright All Rights Reserved  1976-2017 Georg Behrendt Enterprises, Lda.& Baron Georg, LLC