Grilling is not ... burn-turn-burn and eat
If you do not know already BBQ-ing can be fun and it is also an art. There really is a thing as a “Grill Master” once you are comfortable with your equipment.
The idea of grilling is not to burn-turn-burn and eat. Take your time, enjoy your work and present your work of art at the end.
It is done every day, to BBQ outside or inside and gets the same magnificent tasty result. Why only in the summer?
Why deprive yourself of well cooked food with a fantastic taste? The true Grilling addict will grill in the summer and in the snow.
Those of you who are not addicted to grilling, I am sure would prefer to have the exact same effect in the nice warm comfort of your home.
Yes ... and this is entirely possible. I will cover that process in a future paragraphs in this book.
Let’s get back to the grill and the equipment you have or need.
There are basically 3 types of grills available on the market.
The Toy Grill: There is nothing wrong with this style of grill; it just does not give one the flexibility and accuracy you really need for grilling. Does not give you the quality that you are capable of for the final product. 
The Grill Master Grill: This style grill; once you understand its flexibility; will assist you in the best
quality presentation for your masterworks of gastronomie
Total overkill grill: This grill will cook for an army; it is the grill only to show off with. I have talked with people who thought the needed to pay 2,000.00 euro, for a grill. This is insane and totally unnecessary, unless you just want to throw money out the window.
Specialty grills: Named brand grills and Commercial grills: These grills are good for feeding hundreds of people or feeding your ego; nothing else. Why you may ask? Because you are able to get the same results from a Grill Master style grill.
Now that you get the feel for what and how you want to grill, here are the basic tools which you should have.
Brush, Knife, Fork, Tongs, Spatula These are the very basic needs for cooking and safety Last but still very important is an Apron, again for safety reasons and just to keep you clean. You can have a normal apron        or  heat resistant apron ... Or you can have one for show….but this is totally impractical to cook in.
ALL OF THIS IS TOTALLY NOT NEEDED ... The important thing is to have the apron neck high and knee low (Longer is not necessary). The very last item will be the gloves. Seldom used, but important to have. Be sure you purchase gloves with fingers and NOT Mittens.
Setting your grill up for cooking
 Cooking with wood or charcoal
Start your fire in a pyramid formation for better  and more even heat, Once the coals are well underway, spread them out so that the grill has an even amount of heat in all four corners and in the center. It is possible also to only cover ¾ or ½ of the grill with the burning embers so that the no coal area is just used to keep the food warm and not over the direct heat.
When you are finished cooking, add more fuel and let it increase the heat; this will burn off any residue left on the grill. So when the grill is cool all that is left is ash which may be brushed off with ease … no scrubbing needed.
Cooking with Gas
Always preheat the grill for 15 minutes before starting to cook; this promotes a more even heat once you start to cook. Again if you have a multi-burner grill you may wish to keep one side off and that may be used as your warming area.
One thing I must mention is that any gas grill is notorious for uneven heat. I would highly advise that you modify the grill so that directly above or on the burners there is another grill that will be evenly covered with Lava Stones (a normal grill supply). The Lava Stones help produce a much more even heat and in addition to this they greatly assist in cleaning the grill.
When you are finished cooking, turn up the heat to maximum for about 15 minutes; this will burn off any residue left on the grill. So when the grill is cool all that is left is ash which may be brushed off with ease … no scrubbing needed. In addition it will turn the residue on the Lava Stone into ash and the stone will last longer. It is recommended that the Lava Stone be replaced a maximum of 2 years. Try to insure that the Lava Stone is always evenly spread across its own grill and that there are few if any holes between the stone.
Cooking with the Grill
Take your time, there is no rush, remember this is your kingdom, your grill, your meal. DO NOT rush because you WILL make the mistake of “Burn-turn-burn-and eat” … this you do not want and neither does anyone who will participate in your meal.
You do not want burnt food, dry meat, uncooked meat, or in some cases, over cooked meat.
Even in the grilling world, “Slower is Better”. This gives you more control over your food and timing of the meal.DO NOT attempt to cook with high heat; you will kill your food. It will be burnt, dry and more than likely under cooked when it comes to chicken or ribs and over cooked for the shrimp or lobster. 
           Fish Rack             Shrimp and Vegetable Rack
Cooking Shrimp, Vegetables, fish and other small items, it is recommended that you use special racks for this. It will make the turning of these much more simple for you to do and you will not lose anything to “The Grill Gods” in other words dropped into the flames.
Oven Cooking
 This is just like the grill, only it is inside. Therefore you are able to have the same results as you would with the grill.
Guess what? Now you can BBQ all year round … what a concept. It is snowing, raining or cold outside and you may still have an enjoyable meal inside.
The only difference is that the heat is coming from the top of the oven and cooking downward; where the grill heat is coming from the bottom and cooking upward.
You treat the meat exactly the same as you would on the grill; you also watch it closely as you would on the grill. It is recommended that when using the oven that the oven door be open just slightly. This in most ovens is an automatic position for the door. If you keep the door closed the thermostat will shut the heat off and the meat will not brown as it would on the grill.
In the case of the BBQ Beans, the chart indicates that this item would be good with the designated food item.
Of course the Würz-Panade indicates that the indicated food item would also be delicious when breaded.
Outside or inside … You can BBQ anything you would like; Turkey, Duck, Lamb, Salmon, pork ribs are preferred before beef ribs because they have more meat. In Germany you need to not purchase the normal pork rib, you need to ask forSchweinefleisch Rippen. This type of rib has a lot more meat on the bone and your guests will absolutely love it.
For the perfect BBQ of meats. You can use any meat you want, it does not have to be an expensive cut.
Ribs for example, you never know if they will be tender or not. The best and proven way to avoid the embarrassment of tough meat in this case is to do the following.
Place your ribs into a pot and cover with water. Do not add salt, just normal water will do just fine. Bring to a boil and take the pot away from the heat, Let it cool for 2 hours, then place the ribs with their bones into a flat pan.
Cover the ribs with Texas 28 BBQ Sauce and let stand overnight. Place the ribs on the grill with medium-high heat. Cook the ribs until some of the sauce and ribs are slightly blackened.
Do not forget to occasionally turn the meat or it will dry out. Remove the ribs to the serving platter and dribble BBQ sauce over the ribs and serve while very hot.
This per-cooking mentioned above, works well with Ribs, Beef Breast, and any other meat that has the habit of being tough.
All BBQ'ed meats should be treated the same way when cooking. Cook slowly, until slightly blackened. This should not take more than 15 minutes. Most meats will be too dry if cooked longer; and be sure to turn the meat several times while cooking.
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