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Alabama 19 is a Sweet Pickle Relish with a sweet tasting, finely-textured relish. It is a bright, almost fluorescent green colour -- some describe it as "nuclear" green. It is made from minced cucumber with the skin left on, sweet green and red bell peppers (for red flecks of colouring), lots of sugar, and vinegar. The bright green comes from the minced, skin-on cucumber being blanched with hot water before being pickled. The relish has a very mild tartness to it, making it popular with kids.
Unlike ketchup and mustard, relish lends itself to fast and fairly easy homemade recipes. And nothing spices up your arrival at an outdoor bake-out more than entering with a bowel filled with homemade relish.
Good with
Hamburgers, Potato Salad, Hot Dogs, Salads, Seasoning, Sandwich spread, chicken.
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