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When you look for the genuine and original Mexican food, here is where you will find all that you need. Including corn and flour tortillas, and all the made in Mexico red and green tomato basic supplies.

Nuevo Progreso has manufactured Superior Corn and Flour Tortilla products within the center of Europe.

Whether it be..... retail, food-service, wholesale, cash and carry, export, blast frozen, fresh, vegan, stone ground, gluten free, nongmo or no conservatives...   we do it.

With the Czech Republic being our home base we are able to work with better transport rates for most of Europe and enable faster delivery times of all our products to our customers..

We understand that we exist and are here only due to our customerís support and satisfaction while fitting to their needs.

We take pride in the products we produce and are constantly striving to improve. New forms of packaging, new recipes, new manufacturing techniques and new products are always aimed to bring our customers the best in Mexican tortilla products.

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